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In an attempt to supplement my income, I began using various sites which purport to offer rewards for doing searching the internet, watching videos/ads, participating in contests, doing surveys online, reading emails, completing cash offers, completing daily tasks, and shopping online.  From my experience, money from these sources won't likely be enough to replace a day job.  The pay for most of these tasks isn't very high.  Users don't always qualify for surveys, and completing the highest paying cash offers generally requires the user to either purchase something or sign up for a trial.

I've signed up for so many accounts in the last couple of months that I doubt I remember half of them.  However, there are some that really stand out to me.
  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a site with Amazon where a Requester posts a HIT (Human Intelligence Task) which a Worker performs for a reward.  There are thousands of HITs available every day, with some higher paying HITs requiring certain qualifications.  Payment is made to the Workers' Amazon Payments accounts and may be withdrawn as direct deposits ($1 minimum) to their bank accounts or in the form of electronic Amazon Gift Card ($1 minimum).  Furthermore, the funds in the Amazon Payments account may be used to purchase most items on Amazon, with a few exceptions.  There is a 48-hour waiting period when signing up for a new account.  Additionally, there is an active-10-day holding period on payments for new Workers.  I started using Mechanical Turk on August 14, 2013, and have (as of 9/27/2014) earned $285.91 with about $20 worth of HITs pending approval.  The bulk of my earnings are from transcribing audio files.
  2. Bing Rewards rewards users points for their Bing searches.  Users can connect either through Facebook or their Microsoft account.  These points can be redeemed for charity donations, or gift cards to places such as Amazon or Fandango, or sweepstakes entries.  The account has 3 tiers of membership, with special discounts for gold members.
  3. QuickRewards Network is a site I found which in which the minimum required for cash out with Paypal is a penny!  I redeemed 2 dollars in 1 to 80 cent increments in my first two days.  The ways to earn rewards include shopping completing surveys, reading emails, performing searches, visiting websites, printing coupons, watching videos, playing games, trying new products, signing up for newsletters, and entering contests.

  4. InboxDollars and SendEarnings are also very similar.  Members are able to redeem with checks after they have $30 or more in their current earnings.  When I redeemed from InboxDollars, they subtracted a $3 processing fee.  In addition to surveys, offers, and 2-cent emails, both sites allow the users to search 30 times to earn up to 15 cents a day.  InboxDollars has a Spin & Win program which offers potential consolation rewards for when users are disqualified from surveys.
One major bonus about signing up for so many of these sites is being able to compare cash offers, as different reward amounts are sometimes offered for the same activity.  Since the advertisers are paying for new users, I doubt the activities can be duplicated.

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